Rome Total War 1 was a big success in the game industry. Rome Total War 2 is going to be a phenomenal success without a doubt! The Creative Assembly has stated that Rome Total War 2 is going to be incredible since they have +40% bigger budget than their previous game which was Shogan Total War 2, and they also going to have an extra +100 programmers to help with the development of the game. Due to Rome Total War's popularity the producers have decided to make a demo version of their game!
rome total war 2 demo download
File Name :
File Size : 34.2 GB

Demo Version
File Name :
File Size : 5.9 GB

Features :
  • In the Demo you can start a "mini" campaign with the Epirus (Greek) faction. You have as opponents the Spartans (Greek), the Athinians (Greek) and other minor factions.
  • The unit selection is rather limited, the available unites are, 5 foot units, 3 horsemen units and archers! Although the small number of units that is available the battle itself is amazingly detailed! Every man has his own unique face, clothing, armor and he even make his own decisions based on his training, condition etc.
  • The map is pretty small but very detailed with the landscape being very realistic and with most towns and castles standing at the center of Greece having a port at the mediterranean sea!
  • Starting time : 243BC

   Although Rome Total War 2 Demo has not been yet released through their main website because of the head producer wanting to enhance the game's experience at the Demo Version and because there is a big issue in advertisement as the Demo has not been advertised at all. These 2 factors put The Creative Assembly in thoughts as they are even considering not to release the Demo at all to the public.

   But there is copy of the Demo going around at the web with torrents existing but not yet open to the public torrent search engines. This copy is said to have been leaked by a developer that was fired some days ago after the completion of the Demo and as he wanted to threaten the developers, he leaked a copy of the Demo for only a small amount of downloads so that he would be rehired by The Creative Assembly.
   I am obsessed with Total War Series and I was lucky enough to get one of the few copies of the demo so I decided to re-upload the Demo for public use. Although I wish to keep my anonymity. Enjoy Rome Total War 2 DEMO!

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Here are some Screenshots :

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